MillionMax Engineering started its business with the primary mission to provide performance based solutions and services that are designed to add value to your core businesses and reduce operational and maintenance costs.


MillionMax Engineering is a company with a diverse range of skills in the building facilities. The primary activities of the company include engineering consultancy and solutions, system installation, retrofitting and maintenance services.

In line with the changing needs and ever growing sophistication of the building industries, we have culminated in the implementation of impressive intelligent systems based on the best of current technologies. From the provision of simple electronic air cleaner and innovating electronic display board to the implementation of a complex internet linked human traffic counting and building automation system, we have help to improve human conditions and environments as well as profitability and energy conservation concept.

Our successes have set new standards for most of the new facilities in Singapore and have brought us significant recognition as the leader in the respective areas of interests.

Our Clients

The relationship with our Clients is built on communication, trust and value and last for long-term. You share your plans, your challenges, your strength and your weakness and we develop solutions to meet your requirement. You contribute your experience, insight and criticism and we share the best we have to offer.

We understand the importance of forming relationships and the expectation of responsiveness from these relationships. A Client is someone we view as a partner in our success. Our mission is to ensure that, not only do we treat you as a Client, but, more importantly, that you feel like one.