Air Control and Management System

The ill effects of contaminated airborne particles and germs are causing major problems among commercial buildings, hospitals, clinics and even manufacturing plants. People get sick, allergies, less active, burning eyes, chronic cough, headache asthma, running rose and/or skin rash. The syndrome is being spread to even more people whether in close proximity or not because contaminated air containing lots of airborne germs gets into the air handling system, germinate further and shower the room occupants with increased germ load content. AHUs contaminate further by three ways – the filtration system, the cooling coils and the moldy, fungi infested drip pan. There is no better solution to solve this indoor air quality problem than to use highly efficient electronic air cleaners and duct sterilizers to remove polluting and irritating particles and the germ load content from the air. We offer a complete solution to effectively monitor the quality of air and the present of toxic contents. The system will automatically take the necessary control actions to safeguard the lives of the people in the properties upon detection of toxic contents.