Human Traffic Monitoring System

Some call it “People Counting System”; others call it “Pedestrian Counting System, we called it “Human Traffic Monitoring System”.

MillionMax Engineering is recognized as the most experienced and Market Leader in the provision of “Human Traffic Monitoring System”. Our project reference list is exhaustive and still growing. It includes all the major shopping malls: Vivocity, Suntec City, Raffles City, ION Orchard, Orchard Central, 313 Somerset and many other buildings.

Using a combination of the most advanced video, laser, thermal, and stereoscopic counters, the system details pedestrian flow in bi-directions and even multiple directions to provide an accurate records of visitors by time, day, week, month and year.

We do provide specialized system likes “Toilet Usage Monitoring System” and “Human Occupancy System’ to cater to the need of Clients to comply with the requirement of the respective Government Authorities.

You may want to compare your annual performance by week or by daily distribution or simply compare how each entrance performs with another.

The pedestrian flow data provides the basis for building owner/developers, managing agents, shopping center managers, retailers and clients involved in related activities (e.g. public transport, leisure centers, museums and galleries) to improve performance and maximize return on expenditure.

With the high quality data provided by pedestrian counting and reporting systems, you will have the information you need to:

· Improve targeting and letting efficiency according to on/off peak locations.

· Monitor differences in pedestrian flow in order to determine rent levels and adapt accordingly.

· Assess the cost-effectiveness of marketing and promotional activities by measuring incremental pedestrian flow.

· Avoid tenant rent holidays by demonstrating positive variations in pedestrian flow during refurbishments.

· Work with retailers to better understand the tenant mix and analyze peel off.

· Demonstrably justify opening hours.

· Compare center performance with benchmarking data.

· Match staffing levels in support services such as cleaning, maintenance and security to customer flows.

· Optimize service levels during peak trading times so as to increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction/retention.

· Improve profitability by integrating data with your EPOS data to compare traffic flow with conversion ratios, merchandising etc.

We provide many of the following options:

· Leading edge software system

· Set up of communications infrastructure

· Preparation of customized weekly or monthly reporting

· Daily auditing of data

· Interrogate of information through the internet with security protection equivalent to internet banking

· Benchmarking

· Maintenance and Services