Our professional solutions are designed to meet the challenges of the largest and most demanding facilities. We boast a reputation for quality solutions and services and ensure that our company maintains its valued position among the industry’s leaders in product design and innovation. Our team is made up of specially-selected electronic and software engineers who are encouraged to deal with the company’s customers on a one-to-one basis, and talk directly about ideas and needs. Technically, our solutions will function seamlessly to provide the most effective control and monitoring while allowing you the flexibility of choosing the technologies that are best for your facilities and its applications.

Building Management System

Commercial products are powered by the same technology as our professional products, but are offered as a cost-effective alternative for smaller facilities that don’t need advanced networking and interface capabilities. Users can now enjoy many of the unique and celebrated professional features, but in a product line that is practical for smaller facilities.

Integrated Security System

The product line was borne out of the new demand for geographically distributed systems. Nation-wide retail chains, corporations with primary and satellite offices, as well as large management companies can take full advantage of today’s interconnected world and enjoy unprecedented centralized control and monitoring.

Human Traffic Monitoring System

The solution figures an important Key Performance Indicator and when combine with other KPI’s, such as sales data, provide management information capable of helping to drive improved productivity from your shoppers, customers and staff. It is used as the basis for planning the running and organisation of shopping malls and commercial properties to understand strategic or tactical market opportunities or optimise the number of customers who use your centre or properties.

Electronic Display Information System

Whether you’re interested in a system for a high-rise office tower, an office park, a retail chain, or a small commercial facility, our solutions deliver the ultimate in simplicity and efficiency.

Air Control and Management System

These products are found in prominent and prestigious buildings and represent the cutting edge of technology in the world of building automation.